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Providing Support And Consultancy Services For Families, Communities and Organisations in the United Kingdom

Our Vision

Enabling communities and families

Our Mission

To support, engage and educate individuals, parents, carers and young people in the local community.

Family Support Consultant in the UK

We have supported over 100 families in different areas including: housing, immigration supports in the United Kingdom

We provide:

  • advisory support and consulting services for organisations, individuals,
  • training programmes for schools, children’s centres, faith and community organisations
  • Group and one-on-one coaching on career and life choices.
  • We support other community projects in outreach and development of services;
  • signposting and referrals to relevant services; immigration and social care support, etc.

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ODLP Programme

Open Door Life/Work programme is for parents and carers with young children who need a sense of direction in terms of career, training or general life choices.

Volunteer Training

Get the best out of your volunteers with our volunteer training workshop.

Bespoke Training Workshops

We provide training workshops for parents and careers, corporate companies, NGOs, CIC and faith groups.

Safety At Home Workshop

Workshop for parents and carers on how to keep children safe in the home using the child’s developmental milestones

Bespoke Training Workshop for Faith Group

Developing and enabling individuals with tools to make them relevant within the organisation’s vision and values.

Personal Development Training

We provide exclusive all-in-one packed personal development training for organisation.

Specialised Training on Demand

Need specialised training / workshops for your team? Talk to us about it.

Leaving, Living.. Life in a Foreign Land


Leaving, living… life in a foreign land is a story of two teenagers from different parts of Nigeria who were trafficked into the United Kingdom. The stories focus on the journey of expectation, disappointment, struggles and at last, hope. They started out as teenagers who later became parents, having to fight to be allowed to stay and live.

This book is inspired by true events and is meant to relate to everyone who may be in a similar situation. And are still struggling to have a life here in the United Kingdom. I am hoping that practitioners, charities, faith groups and families will pick up this book to read because in doing so, they can appreciate, the culture, emotions and needs of young women and parents and provide the support needed without bias

leaving book

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What Our Clients Say

Some feedback from our students and clients:

    Unconscious Bias Training


    The training help me to understand that we are all biased without knowing it. I learnt that being biased doesn’t mean I’m bad, so I don’t feel guilty.

      Unconscious Bias Training


      The fact it was interactive helps people stay engaged. Thought provoking ideas to use every day- personally and professionally.

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